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The searcher allows you to search your entire device for files and directories. You can just search for files or directories by names. You can even search for content inside of files, but be aware that some searches especially through files can take a long time to complete. Clicking an entry tries to open it by way of any compatible installed app on your device. Long pressing it gives you a context menu with a few options:

  • Open it in the Explorer for further processing.
  • Copy/Move it which will create a copy/move task than you can then paste from the Explorer tool.
  • Create an Exclusion for this entry.
  • Delete the item.

By default items are shown in the order they were found by find in the filesystem.


The toolbar has a menu entry for options. Currently these offer the points:

Root search

If your device is rooted setting this option causes the search locations to change.

Files only

If you only want files to be listed (e.g. not directories).


If the search terms you entered should be treated case-sensitive (e.g. Strawberry vs strawberry).

Implicit wildcards

If this is turned, SD Maid will append * on both sides of your search-input. berry would become *berry* and match both Strawberry and Blueberry, instead of just berry.

File age

  • Minimum age: The minimum age a files modification date should be.
  • Maximum age: The maximum age a files modification date should be.

Last modified

Since SD Maid v4.3.X the tool Last Modified has been merged into the Searcher tool. Example:

  • To find files modified in the last 3 days, set the minimum age to - and the maximum age to 3 days.
  • To find files modified exactly 3 days ago, raise the minimum age to 2 days.
  • To find files older than 3 days, set the minimum age to 3 days and the maximum age to -.

Note, for new files the modification date equals the creation date.

Pressing search with no keywords will result in the same behavior you found previously in the Last Modified tool, but since both tools have been merged, you can now make use of additional search functions. Example: To only find PDF files from 3 days ago you could off the option implicit wildcards and enter *.pdf as keyword to only list pdf files in the results.

By default items are shown in the order they were found. If either min or max age is set, the results will be sorted in chronological order, newest item first.


No extra settings are available as of v4.4.1.

Search locations

The search locations are set automatically by SD Maid depending on what storages are detected. Without root, all public storages will be searched, this means any primary and secondary storage that is also visible in SD Maids Overview page. Rooted devices can enable an option to let the search start at / (note: hwvefs,proc,dev,sys and acct are skipped).