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IMAP email to format blog post files
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Reads an IMAP email account and writes JPEG attachments to the file system and creates a Markdown file for or Jekyll.

How use use

sbt "run /path/to/my/blog mypassw0rd"

This will connect to the google email account, process emails, and write images to /path/to/my/blog/media and blog posts to /path/to/my/blog/_posts

The subject is used as the title of the blog post and the filename.

It will then delete the email (archive it).

Serving suggestion

Run via cron, and wrapper in a script that either commits and pushes to your GitHub hosted blog, or move to a Dropbox folder.

Known issues

  • Images must be written to /media/ on your blog
  • Only does JPEGs
  • Doesn't do video or sound files


  • SBT 0.11
  • Java (should work with 1.5; tested with 1.7)
  • Probably needs to be a Sun JVM


Apache 2.0

Contains code from

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