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This module helps you track expense on a GCP (Google Cloud Platform) project over the last few days.
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MagicMirror MichMich module to display GCP (Google Cloud Platform) billing over the last few days.


This module helps you track expense on a GCP project over the last few days. In particular:

  • spent increasing is shown in blue
  • spent decreasing is shown in green
  • spent over your set limit is shown in red (optional)
  • amount is shown for everyday below the column bar

It relies on the @google-cloud/bigquery module. You can dig for more information those gcp node.js examples.



GCP side setup

  1. if you do not have a GCP account set one up :D
  2. Set up billing export to BigQuery for the GCP project -> please take note of the table name for later (lines.table)
  3. Create a service account with (BigQuery User) Role (do queries), and (Viewer) Role (access the table). More details on BigQuery Access Control
  4. Download the service account as JSON. More information on Service Accounts keys
  5. Copy this key to a location reachable by the module - path to the file will be set in the module configuration (lines.serviceAccountKey).


  1. Clone repository into ../modules/ inside your MagicMirror folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-GCP/ folder
  3. Add the module to the MagicMirror config
	        module: 'MMM-GCP',
	        position: 'bottom_right',
	        header: 'GCP billing daily trend',
	        config: {


The lines array contains information on the project to monitor (it will give possibility to monitor several projects).

lines array

  • type: mandatory: only one possible value for the time being: billing
  • projectId: mandatory: GCP project Id
  • table: mandatory: name of the table as dataset.table, ex: project_billing.gcp_billing_export_v1_12321B_2343_234FD
  • serviceAccountKey: mandatory: path to the Service Account Json private key, ex: /home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-GCP/SA.json
  • label: optional: usual name to be displayed
  • costLimit: optional: integer: cost above which the daily spent is displayed in red, ex: 700, default: none
  • dayTrendLength: optional: integer: number of days to display, default: 10
  • updateInterval: optional: integer: number of ms to wait between two information request, default: 1 * 60 * 1000 * 60 * 6 6 hours

config example

  lines: [
      type: 'billing',
      label: 'da4throux GCP',
      projectId: 'gcp_project_id',
      table: 'project_billing.gcp_billing_export_v1_12321B_2343_234FD',
      serviceAccountKey: '/home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-GCP/SA.json',
      costLimit: 700,
      dayTrendLength: 12,


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