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Local transport in Paris (RATP) module for MagicMirror²
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MagicMirror MichMich module to display transportation information for Paris (bus, metro, tramway, RER, autolib & velib) and rain risk in the coming hour for a configured list of stations/ destinations.

Forked from MMM-HH-LocalTransport see more detailed information on georg90 blog.


A module to display:

  • the different buses, metros, rers & tramways, in order to avoid waiting too much for them when leaving home.
  • general traffic information for lines of metros, rers & tramways
  • available autolib, utilib, and station spaces, charging slots
  • available velib (bike and dock - no info on electrical bike yet, accuracy is not great yet)
  • rain in the coming hour (as per Meteo France)




It is based on the open REST API from Pierre Grimaud, which does not require any configuration / registration. It uses a non documented API from Meteo meteofrance for the rain within an hour prediction It uses the Open Data from Paris City for Autolib, and Velib


  1. Clone repository into ../modules/ inside your MagicMirror folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-Paris-RATP-PG/ folder
  3. Add the module to the MagicMirror config
	        module: 'MMM-Paris-RATP-PG',
	        position: 'bottom_right',
	        header: 'Connections',
	        config: {

specific configuration

Three different kind of objects are in the configuration:

  • lines: an array that contains an object describing each line to be presented by the modules
  • other elements are global to the module ##lines array
  • each line has a type, and each type might have different parameters

common to: bus, rers, metros, tramway


  • type: mandatory: traffic
  • line: mandatory, based on set the line as: [type, line], such as: ['metros', 6], ['rers', 'A']...
  • hideTraffic: optional, array of string, if a traffic status belongs to the array, then the traffic is not shown (see the example for usage)

Common in Transportation lines

  • maximumEntries: optional, int, default = 2, //if the APIs sends several results for the incoming transport how many should be displayed
  • converToWaitingTime: optional, boolean, default = true, // messages received from API can be 'hh:mm' in that case convert it in the waiting time 'x mn'
  • maxLettersForDestination: optional, int, default = 22, //will limit the length of the destination string
  • concatenateArrivals: optional, boolean, default = true, //if for a transport there is the same destination and several times, they will be displayed on one line


  • type: mandatory: autolib
  • name: mandatory: public name of the station (check )
  • utilib: optional: boolean: if false: the utilib are aggregated with the bluecar, if true: all three type of cars are detailed
  • backup: optional: public name of the station to backup. If that station (set in backup) is empty (no cars - utilib or not), then only this line is displayed. A use case would be: display this station status only if that other station (nearest to me) is empty. The station (set in backup) should be in the lines before (else there might be a delay in displaying the line).


  • type: mandatory: velib
  • stationId: mandatory: digits: please check the ID from OpenDataParis: (different from the velib ID as of this commit). For example: Assas - Luxembourg is shown as "13 191 324", and therefore make it a number: 13191324
  • keepVelibHistory: optional: boolean: if true, keeps locally in the browser a day of data regarding the station (to be used if velibGraph is set to true later on)
  • velibGraph: optional: boolean: shows a graph of velib count for the last day (give an idea of the trend)


  • type: mandatory: pluie
  • place: mandatory: integer, example: 751140, take the id from the object returned by: (change 75014 by your postal code)
  • pluieAsText: optional, boolean, default = false, // show the weather in the coming hour as text and not icons
  • iconSize: optional, example: 0.70, //set the em for the weather icon (each icon is 5 minutes: i.e. there's 12 icons for an hour)

common in all lines

  • common means: not shared value, but meaningful for all the lines
  • label: optional: to rename the object differently if needed
  • updateInterval: optional, int, default: 60000, time in ms between pulling request for new times (update request)
  • showUpdateAge: optional, boolean, default = true, //add a circled integer next to the line name showing the tenths digits of the number of seconds elapsed since update.
  • firstCellColor: optional, color name, // typically first column of the line (superseed the line color): or wikipedia can give you insights
  • lineColor: optional, color name, //set the color of the line
  • maxLetters: optional, number, default = 70, will limit the string length for traffic and messages

Global element

  • debug: false, //console.log more things to help debugging


  • lineDefault contains properties that will be common to all lines, but can be superseed at the line level also: so any property from the line, can be set here also, but the following ones, make more sense here also:
  • conversion: object of key/ values to convert traffic message or destination. Those message can be very long (and limited through maxLetters also), and it might worth to convert them in a simpler text. by default:
    • conversion: {"Trafic normal sur l'ensemble de la ligne." : 'Traffic normal'}
    • don't hesitate to add more when there's works on a specific line or others...
  • updateInterval: see above

Config Example:

config: {
	debug: false,
	lineDefault: {
	  hideTraffic: [
	    "le trafic est interrompu entre Aulnay et Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV de 23:00 à fin de service jusqu'au 16/03/18. Bus de remplacement à dispo. (travaux de modernisation)",
            "Trafic normal sur l'ensemble de la ligne.",
            "le trafic est interrompu entre Nanterre-Prefecture et Cergy/ Poissy de 21:30 à fin de service jusqu'au 16/02/18. Bus de remplacement à dispo. (travaux)",
	  conversion: { "Trafic normal sur l'ensemble de la ligne." : 'Traffic normal'},
	  updateInterval: 1 * 2 * 60 * 1000,
	lines: [
	  {type: 'bus', line: 38, stations: 'observatoire+++port+royal', destination: 'A', firstCellColor: '#0055c8'},
	  {type: 'bus', line: 91, stations: 'observatoire+++port+royal', destination: 'A', firstCellColor: '#dc9600'},
	  {type: 'bus', line: 91, stations: 'observatoire+++port+royal', destination: 'R', firstCellColor: '#dc9600', lineColor: 'Brown'},
	  {type: 'rers', line: 'B', stations: 'port+royal', destination: 'A', label: 'B', firstCellColor: '#7BA3DC'},
	  {type: 'traffic', line: ['rers', 'B'], firstCellColor: 'Blue', lineColor: 'green'},
	  {type: 'metros', line: '6', stations: 'raspail', destination: 'A', label: '6', firstCellColor: '#6ECA97'},
	  {type: 'pluie', place: '751140', updateInterval: 1 * 5 * 60 * 1000, label: 'Paris', iconSize: 0.70},
	  {type: 'autolib', name: 'Paris/Henri%20Barbusse/66', label: 'Barbusse', lineColor: 'green'},
	  {type: 'autolib', name: 'Paris/Michelet/6', label: 'Michelet', utilib: true, backup: 'Paris/Henri%20Barbusse/66'},
	  {type: 'velib', stationId: 7295, label: 'Montparnasse', velibGraph : false, keepVelibHistory: true},
	  {type: 'velib', stationId: 13191324, label: 'Assas', velibGraph: true, keepVelibHistory: true},


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