Peer-to-peer (p2p) chat
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NB! Rewrite to ClojureScript is happening here!

Peer-to-peer (p2p) chat


This is an attempt to create a p2p chat for web that reminds of old-good IRC. The core difference from many alternatives that are around the web is peer-to-peer architecture. In other words, chatting should be completely server-less. This can be done to a level where only server is so called connection broker that doesn't receive any data, but only points one peer to another.

Work in progress. Star the repo if you would like this to take off!


Enter here! You will automatically create a channel and you can invite people by giving them the link to it.

P.S. It's unstable and will break in unexpected ways.

Development Setup

First of all, clone the repo. After that, check that you have wget installed and execute from root directory of the repo. The script should download 3rd-party scripts and put them into static/vendor/ directory. Next, you will need to compile CoffeeScript and Sass files. Check that you have coffee and sass installed. Then execute script so files are watched and hence built. Check that you have *.js files in static/scripts/ directory and *.css files in static/styles/ directory. You can use the script to develop too — it will watch for file changes and automatically rebuild! Finally, run server with script. You will need Python 3 for it. Alternatively, use any HTTP server that can server static files. Now you can open Hendrix by going to in your browser!



Used Technologies

  • Bootstrap,
  • CoffeeScript,
  • Director,
  • Lo-Dash,
  • Marked,
  • PeerJS,
  • React,
  • Sass,
  • Store.js;