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TOC Generator for Markdown

Table of Contents Generator for Markdown pages.

Using markdown to generate wiki pages is awesome but using jekyll or other static site generators lacks the ability to generate a TOC.

TOC-MD is a jQuery plugin that generates on the fly a table of contents from an HTML produced by markdown.



Include script after the jQuery library (unless you are packaging scripts somehow else):

<script src="/path/to/jquery.toc.js"></script>

Getting Started

The plugin uses the HTML H1 and H2 elements present in the page to build the TOC.
H1 and H2 are generated using mardown

The generated content is very similar to the TOC present on mediawiki pages.

The plugin consists of

  • jquery.toc.js the javascript code
  • toc.css the default style sheet, you can change it to be used on your website


The plugin by default generates the TOC

  • when the page contains at least two H1
  • saving the hide/show status into cookie (if the cookie plugin is present)

Generate the toc starting from DOM element with id main_content:


Generate the toc always, also if page contains only one H1


Plugin configuration

The following parameters can be passed to the toc() function

Parameter name Description Default value
renderIn Specify where on a page to inject and render the menu 'self'
anchorPrefix The prefix used for generated TOC elements IDs 'tocAnchor-'
saveShowStatus Save the collapse status using a cookie (see dependecies for further details) true
contentsText The label text shown for Content, you can localize it passing another string 'Contents'
hideText The label text shown for hide button, you can localize it passing another string 'hide'
showText The label text shown for show button, you can localize it passing another string 'show'
showCollapsed Show the TOC collapsed false
minItemsToShowToc Minimum number of items to show the TOC, 0 means no limit.
Suppose you want to generated the TOC only if there are at least 3 H1
showAlways DEPRECATED Use minItemsToShowToc instead.
Show TOC also if only one H1 is present on page, the TOC is never show if no H1s are found on page


	showText:'Expand TOC',


  • The cookie plugin if present allows to save collapse status when user click on hide/show button. If the cookie plugin is not present the saveShowStatus paramenter is ignored