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An amazing and convenient Android image slider.
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Android Image Slider Build Status

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This is an amazing image slider for the Android platform. I decided to open source this because there is really not an attractive, convenient slider widget in Android.

You can easily load images from an internet URL, drawable, or file. And there are many kinds of amazing animations you can choose. :-D


Download Apk


Step 1


dependencies {
    	compile ""
    	compile 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.3.2'
    	compile 'com.nineoldandroids:library:2.4.0'
    	compile 'com.daimajia.slider:library:1.1.5@aar'




For Eclipse users, I provided a sample project which orgnized as Eclipse way. You can download it from here, and make some changes to fit your project.

Notice: It's the version of 1.0.9, it may not update any more. You can update manually by yourself.

Step 2

Add permissions (if necessary) to your AndroidManifest.xml

<!-- if you want to load images from the internet -->
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" /> 

<!-- if you want to load images from a file OR from the internet -->
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />

Note: If you want to load images from the internet, you need both the INTERNET and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions to allow files from the internet to be cached into local storage.

If you want to load images from drawable, then no additional permissions are necessary.

Step 3

Add the Slider to your layout:


There are some default indicators. If you want to use a provided indicator:


Code example


Advanced usage

Please visit Wiki


##About me

I am a student in mainland China. I love Google, love Android, love everything that is interesting. If you get any problems when using this library or you have an internship opportunity, please feel free to email me. 😃

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