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Led Triangle

Built after Micah Elizabeth Scott's Triangle Attractor

This Triangle can connect to two different control boxes:

a) Simple control box (containing one Fadecandy board) with USB connection to laptop running Processing scripts. b) Stand-alone Raspberry Control Box runs Python scripts. 433 Mhz remote control to change lightpattern, brightness and speed. Photoresistor on top of Control Box for automatic brightness adjustment. Sharp distance sensor in base for additional pattern control. Interface Board uses my iSwitchPi - Intelligent Power Switch for Raspberry PI. One button power On/Off. Raspi box plays 15 different lightpatterns.

A short video about my triangle is on YouTube

Check out Micah’s instructions on how to build such a triangle

For info on NeoPixel check out Adafruit website:

Project started in early 2015 and completed in Spring 2016

Documentation and code on GitHub. Documentation is in German, with English Abstract.

Free to use, modify, and distribute with proper attribution. Frei für jedermann, vollständige Quellangabe vorausgesetzt.


Led Triangle



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