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A Leiningen plugin designed to tell you your code is bad, and that you should feel bad.


Add to your ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-bikeshed "0.5.2"]]}}

Just run lein bikeshed on your project:

∴ lein bikeshed

Checking for lines longer than 80 characters.
Badly formatted files:
/home/hinmanm/src/clj/lein-bikeshed/test/bikeshed/core_test.clj:10:(def this-thing-is-over-eighty-characters-long "yep, it certainly is over eighty characters long")

Checking for lines with trailing whitespace.
Badly formatted files:
/home/hinmanm/src/clj/lein-bikeshed/test/bikeshed/core_test.clj:5:(deftest a-test /home/hinmanm/src/clj/lein-bikeshed/test/bikeshed/core_test.clj:6: (testing "FIXME, I fail, and I have trailing whitespace!"

Checking for files ending in blank lines.
Badly formatted files:

Checking for redefined var roots in source directories.
with-redefs found in source directory:
/home/hinmanm/src/clj/lein-bikeshed/src/bikeshed/core.clj:17: (with-redefs [+ -]
/home/hinmanm/src/clj/lein-bikeshed/src/bikeshed/core.clj:92: "xargs egrep -H -n '(\\(with-redefs)'")

Checking whether you keep up with your docstrings.
1/2 [50.00%] namespaces have docstrings.
10/12 [83.33%] functions have docstrings.
Use -v to list functions without docstrings")")))

Checking for arguments colliding with clojure.core functions.
#'bikeshed.core/colliding-arguments: 'map', 'first' are colliding with core functions

The following checks failed:
 * long-lines
 * trailing-whitespace
 * trailing-blank-lines
 * var-redefs
 * name-collisions


Switches Default Desc
-H, --no-help-me, --help-me false Show help
-v, --no-verbose, --verbose false Display missing doc strings
-m, --max-line-length 80 Max line length
-l, --long-lines true Check for lines with length > max line length
-w, --trailing-whitespace true Check for trailing whitespace
-b, --trailing-blank-lines true Check for trailing blank lines
-r, --var-redefs true Check for redefined root vars
-d, --docstrings true Generate a report of docstring coverage
-n, --name-collisions true Check for function arg names that collide with clojure.core
-x, --exclude-profiles Comma-separated profile exclusion

You can also add the :bikeshed option map directly to your project.clj:

(defproject my-thing "1.0.0"
  :description "A thing"
  ;; Override the default max-line-length
  :bikeshed {:max-line-length 60
             :var-redefs false
             :name-collisions false}
  :dependencies [[clj-http "3.3.0"]])


Copyright © 2012 Matthew Lee Hinman & Sonian

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.


A Leiningen plugin designed to tell you your code is bad, and that you should feel bad



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