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Some ADT:s - written in C
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Project "LevAWC"


This project covers some basic Dynamic Data Structures implemented as pure, generic ADT:s, coded in ANSI C. Makefiles for building a library, both for Windows/Linux are included. You can also download a tarball to build/install the library from source, under Linux/Unix. Primarily for educational purposes - but the project can, of course, be useful in other contexts, as well. Original source code was written by Kyle Loudon - in his book Mastering Algorithms with C - published at O'Reilly Company. I have rewritten and extended some minor parts of the original source code. Finally, I want to thank Kyle and O'Reilly for giving me permisson to publish this code here at GitHub.


Kyle Loudon - and me.


see file


see file "UNLICENSE" above.


The project documentation can be found here.

Project webpage:

In case you want to regenerate the documentation locally - on your box:

Clone (or download zipfile of) this project, install Doxygen - and finally run command: doxygen - from the command prompt - when standing in the top-most directory of your clone. Then point your browser to the file index.html in the the new subdirectory html - recently created by this command.


In the demos subdirectory you will find some simple demos (demo01.c, demo02.c, demo03.c, ...) - using the ADT containers. You can build these yourself - together with a complete, single library (liblevawc.a/levawc.lib) of all the ADT:s - by simply using the enclosed makefiles in this directory, like this:

  • linux.mak - uses the native gcc compiler in Linux. Command: make -f linux.mak
  • mingw32.mak - uses Mingw32 gcc Compiler in Win32 - under a native DOS Shell.
    Command: mingw32-make -f mingw32.mak
  • msys32.mak - uses the Mingw32 gcc Compiler in Win32 - under the MSYS Shell.
    Command: make -f msys32.mak
  • vcwin32.mak - uses MS Visual C compiler in Win32. Command: nmake -f vcwin32.mak

Another way, to build the library and the demos, is to download a GNU Tarball - if you are sitting on a UNIX/Linux box or if you have Cygwin or MSYS/MinGW installed - on Windows. Decompress the tarball - enter the root directory of the unpacked tarball - and then execute the usual commands for GNU Tarballs: ./configure [--prefix=...], make and finally - [sudo] make install - if you want to install. The demos are created just where you are - ready to run - and the library and header-files are installed on your system.

The demos are trying to test and show most of the public interface of the ADT:s - accordingly:

  • demo01.c - testing/showing Singly-linked List ADT..
  • demo02.c - testing/showing Doubly-linked List ADT..
  • demo03.c - testing/showing Stack and Queue ADT..
  • demo04.c - testing/showing Chained Hash Table ADT..
  • demo05.c - testing/showing Heap and Priority Queue ADT..
  • demo06.c - testing/showing Binary Search Tree ADT..
  • demo07.c - testing/showing AVL Tree ADT..
  • demo08.c - testing/showing Circular, Singly-linked List ADT..
  • demo09.c - testing/showing Set ADT..
  • demo10.c - testing/showing Open-addressed Hash Table ADT..
  • demo11.c - testing/showing basic Graph ADT editing, BFS(Breadth-First-Search) - and DFS(Depth-First-Search)..
  • demo12.c - testing/showing interactive Graph editing..
  • demo13.c - testing/showing Graph Algorithms, such as MST(=Minimal Spanning Tree), DSP(=Dijkstra's Shortest Path) and TSP(=Traveling Salesman Path)..
  • demo14.c - a more extensive Graph ADT application, using Dijkstra's Shortest Path algorithm. A (distance-low-cost) criss-cross flight within EU.

All demos are tested on both Windows and Linux. Tracing for memory leaks was done with Valgrind, Linux.

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