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Building Serverless RESTful Web APIs with Cloud Functions, Firestore, Express and TypeScript

This is a simple API that saves contact information of people.



You will need a Firebase project and firebase tools cli

npm install -g firebase-tools

Getting Started

You can follow the guide on Medium or clone this repository.

Clone this repository

git clone .

You need to change the firebase project name in .firebaserc file.

After that, you can log in to firebase in the terminal

firebase login

Deploy to firebase

For the first time, you have deploy the hosting and functions together

firebase deploy

After that, you just need to deploy functions only

firebase deploy --only functions

Trouble shooting

If you have the declare namespace FirebaseFirestore, please comment the content of node_modules/@google_cloud/firestore/types/firestore.d.ts. After that you can test the api locally or deploy it to the cloud.

If you cannot do it, please "".firebaserc" has to be deleted and "firebase init" need to be run again." - Thanks to techboycr.