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meadsteve commented Jan 7, 2021

We've previously been running v5.0.0-beta2. Switching to the full release v5.0.0 results in the error ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'nulltype'.

The fix was to add the nulltype package to my project's requirements but I'm not sure if this is expected and it doesn't seem ideal. Is this package really required or was it an accidentally inclusion?


laravel5.5和vue.js结合的前后端分离项目模板,后端使用了laravel的LTS版本(5.5),前端使用了流行的vue-element-template项目。作为程序的起点,可以直接以此为基础来进行业务扩展。模板内容包括基础的用户管理和权限管理、日志管理、集成第三方登录,整合laravel-echo-server 实现了websocket 做到了消息的实时推送,并在此基础上,实现了聊天室和客服功能。权限管理包括后端Token认证和前端vue.js的动态权限,解决了前后端完整分离的情况下,vue.js的认证与权限相关的痛点,已在本人的多个项目中集成使用。

  • Updated Jan 5, 2021
  • PHP

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