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Basic Optical Character Recognition Tutorial. Damiles Blog.
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Basic Optical Character Recognition Tutorial. Damiles Blog.

This source code is not for professional uses, this is for educational uses, and describe the common technics for create an OCR application

For more info about this see:


  • OpenCV
  • CMake


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../basicOCR

Running demo


Paint over window a number To classify press "c" key and in console you can see result, precission and Accuracy For create other image you can clean image with "r" You can increase or decrease cursor radio with "+" and "-" keys

Keys control

"r" - reset image
"+" - cursor radio increment
"-" - cursor radio decrement
"s" - Save image as out.png
"c" - Classify image,  the result in console
ESC - quit the program
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