Send a message to slack with your amazon dash button.
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Dash Gong


$ npm install

Copy config.json.sampl to config.json and update with your info.

Follow the node-dash-button instructions to find your dash-button id.

Add you slack web hook info and giphy key.

run it.

$ sudo node index.js

or install it globally and run

$ cd path/to/dashgong
$ sudo npm install . -g
$ sudo dashgong

press your dash button and watch your slack channel.

Route types.

Dashgong supports a couple different route types via the action setting.


  "name": "myName",
    "id": "da:sh:bu:tt:on:id",
    "action": "gong",
    "slack": {
      "webhook": "",
      "channel": "#general",
      "username": "Dash-button",
      "message": "From amazon dash."
    "giphy": {
      "url": "",
      "key": "GIPHYKEYXXX",
      "searchTerms": ["amazon", "dash","button","node"]


Dashgong uses request to post. All post options are past in config via the post section.

  "name": "Post to a url",
    "id": "da:sh:bu:tt:on:id",
    "action": "post",
    "post": {
      "url": "",
      "auth": {
        "user": "username",
        "pass": "password",
        "sendImmediately": false
      "headers": {
        "User-Agent": "request"

Sending a text

Dashgong uses twilio to text, sign up for a aaccount and get your API token and ID

  "name": "Send a text",
    "id": "da:sh:bu:tt:on:id",
    "action": "text",
    "messages": ["hey, i was sent from a dash button."]