A project to scrape and re-serve officer involved shooting (OIS) incidents
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This is project to scrape and re-serve officer involved shooting (OIS) incidents. The first data set that is scraped comes from the Deadspin project which crowdsources OIS incident -- which is a fantastic project. Currently, this project merely enhances the data by offering standardized documents served out as a REST API. Consider, for example, the following query that searches for all incidents that involved Airsoft guns between 2011-2013:

Example call:

  count: 6,
  results: [
      incident_date: null,
      city: "Santa Rosa",
      searched_date: "2013-10-22",
      victim_age: 13,
      shots_fired: 8,
      weapon: "airsoft replica of ak 47",
      victim_race: "hispanic or latino",
      agency: "Sonoma County Sheriffs Deputy",
      county: "Sonoma",
      source_url: "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Andy_Lopez",
      victim_armed: "unarmed",
      victim_name: "Andy Lopez",
      state: "CA",
      shootings: null,
      victim_gender: "male",
      outcome: "killed",
      summary: "The Deputy's encounter with Andy Lopez occurred in an open field. The boy's Airsoft replica AK 47 and a replica pistol looked realistic because not marked with orange tip.",
      officer_names: "Eric Gelhaus"

The next step is to include the official OIS incidents from Dallas, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. There are also unofficial records (like those from the Deadspin project) from (Oakland)[http://www.antievictionmappingproject.net/opd.html] or the Fatal Encounters database. The objective is only to compile information from wherever possible, hopefully from official sources.


You'll need the database credentials in order to persistently store the OIS documents. Please contact @danhammer for the credentials. Adding a source doesn't require access to these credentials, though. Any help processing the OIS incidents into a standard form is much appreciated!