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@dani-garcia dani-garcia released this 30 Apr 14:09
· 1169 commits to main since this release

Update 20201-04-30: This release has been pushed again to fix an issue with the Docker builds building an older revision of the project.

Project renamed to vaultwarden

Due to user confusion and to avoid any possible trademark/brand issues with the official server, this project is going to be renamed to vaultwarden. This rename might mean you will need to make some changes to your setup.

Docker users

  • If you are using any of the docker images, you will have to migrate to the new image under the vaultwarden organization:


The new image is equivalent to the old one except for the name, so the upgrade is as simple as removing the old container and creating a new one with the new image, making sure the rest of parameters are the same. For example, if you used the default docker run command mentioned in the readme, and upgrade would be done like this:

# Stop and remove the old container
docker stop bitwarden
docker rm bitwarden

# Start new container with the data mounted, make sure the path is the same as the previous one
docker run -d --name vaultwarden -v /bw-data/:/data/ -p 80:80 vaultwarden/server:latest

Note that the old images aren't gone yet, just deprecated. They will keep being updated for another two releases after this one to avoid breakage, but it's recommended to migrate to the new image as soon as possible.

If you are still using the old database specific images (server-mysql and server-postgresql), they are also deprecated since the main server image supports all three databases at the same time, more info on release 1.17.0.

If you are using the startup scripts mounted inside the container (/etc/ and /etc/bitwarden_rs.d/*), they will now load with the vaultwarden name first and the bitwarden_rs name as a fallback for compatibility, but it's recommended to rename them as well.

Git users

If you are using the git repository, we've used this opportunity to rename the master branch to main, so make sure to have that in mind. The rest of the process is the same and GitHub will redirect the old remote URL to the new one, simply note that the binary generated by cargo is now named vaultwarden instead of bitwarden_rs.


  • Add support for enabling auto-deletion of trash items after X days, disabled by default
    • Set TRASH_AUTO_DELETE_DAYS to a positive value to enable this functionality
    • You can also configure how often this process runs, using cron sintax with the variable TRASH_PURGE_SCHEDULE
  • Updates to the icon fetching, making it more reliable in detecting icon types
  • Updated admin page, improving version checks and SQLite backup feature