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Vaultwarden is an unofficial Bitwarden server implementation written in Rust. It is compatible with the official Bitwarden clients, and is ideal for self-hosted deployments where running the official resource-heavy service is undesirable.

Vaultwarden is targeted towards individuals, families, and smaller organizations. Development of features that are mainly useful to larger organizations (e.g., single sign-on, directory syncing, etc.) is not a priority, though high-quality PRs that implement such features would be welcome.

Supported features

Vaultwarden implements the Bitwarden APIs required for most functionality, including:

Missing features

Issue #246 contains the comprehensive list of feature requests, both features of the official server that are missing in Vaultwarden, as well as enhancements specific to Vaultwarden.

To simplify comparison with the official server, this section summarizes the features implemented in the official server that are not currently available in Vaultwarden.

Features that may be added as time permits (contributions are always welcome):

Features that probably won't be added unless contributed:

Get in touch

To ask a question, offer suggestions, request new features, or get help configuring or installing the software, please use the forum.

If you spot any bugs or crashes with Vaultwarden itself, please create an issue. Make sure there aren't any similar issues open, though!

If you prefer to chat, we're usually hanging around at room on Matrix. Feel free to join us!