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Experimental script for VMAC Feature Suppression Project
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This repository contains the experimental script for our project investigating whether overt attention to reward-related distractors can be suppressed under feature search conditions.

Our pre-print is online here:

Pearson, D., Watson, P., Cheng, P., & Le Pelley, M. (2019). Overt attentional capture by reward-related stimuli overcomes inhibitory suppression. PsyArXiv, Accessed 14 May 2019. Online at


  • 📃 VMC_DistSupp_EG.m: MATLAB scipt used to initiate the experiment.
  • 📁 functions: Contains MALTAB functions used to run the experimental script.
  • 📁 images: Contains some image (.jpg) files used for presenting the instructions to participants.

Data and Analysis

A reproducible research compendium containing all data and analysis code for this project can be found at: The Open Science Framework (OSF) project can be found at:

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