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Home Assistant configuration running Hassio on a Raspberry Pi 2 B
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Home Assistant Configuration

Here's my Home Assistant configuration running on a Raspberry Pi 2 B trying to handle every aspect of the house that my lazy IT soul doesn't want to do on a day-to-day basis.

Getting Started

This repository has complementary articles to follow all the progress in:

Article Español English
Domotizing our house with Home Assistant 🔗 🔗
Meeting Home Assistant 🔗 🔗
Protect your private info with secrets.yaml
Moving all settings to YAML files
Installing a Custom Card for Lovelace

Make sure to check it out.


Thanks to, I can install add-ons that make my life easier.

Add-on Use Español English
Check Home Assistant configuration Check all is ready to update 🔗 🔗
Configurator Edit files directly into the Home Assistant web interface.
Quickly test configurations that I will later take to the code repository.
🔗 🔗
DuckDNS + Let's Encrypt Secure (SSL) and static IP remote connection to Home Assistant. 🔗 🔗
Git pull Update local configuration directly from this repository.
SSH + Web Server Run terminal full commands.


Entity Installation Español English
OpenWeatherMap HA Component + Card 🔗 🔗
Mi Flora / Mi Plant HA Components + Custom Card 🔗 🔗

Lovelace (Dashboard)

Here are some screenshots of my Lovelace Dashboard configuration (They may not be fully updated).


Dashboard Tab 0

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