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Interface library from Arduino to TM1638 display chip/card
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Small(ish) interface library from Arduino to TM1638 display chip/card

Install by copying the TM1638 directory under your Arduino libraries folder.

For use, see examples/demo.

Here's what I've been doing with it : DOG-1

pic of cards

The TM1638's power should go to 3.3v or 5v* and ground on the Arduino. Its strobe, clock and data pins should be connected to data I/O pins on the Arduino (a good choice is 4, 7, 8). These values should be sent to the constructor of the TM1638 class.

  • because it worked fine on 3.3v, I only recently discovered that it's ok on 5v too, and a little brighter

From TM1638.h :

TM1638lite (uint8_t strobe, uint8_t clock, uint8_t data)

void reset () clear the TM1638 - use in setup()

uint8_t readButtons () bits in returned value correspond to state of buttons

void setLED (uint8_t position, uint8_t value) turns LED at position on (value=1) or off (value=0)

void displayText (String text) displays an approximation of the text on the 7-segment display

void displaySS (uint8_t position, uint8_t value) direct access to 7-segment display at position, bits of value state which segments to turn on

void displayASCII (uint8_t position, uint8_t ascii) displays an approximation of the ASCII character at position

void displayHex (uint8_t position, uint8_t hex) displays a hex representation of the value at position

void sendCommand (uint8_t value) send low-level command, probably won't be needed

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