Running PHP 7 on AWS Lambda with Node.js Runtime
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Running PHP on AWS Lambda

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Compile static standalone PHP 7 binary

In order to use PHP on AWS Lambda, the PHP binary, including the required libraries, has to be integrated into the app. To do this, we have to compile the PHP 7.1.0RC5 with statically linked libraries:


PHP Version

We are using PHP 7.1.0RC5 to compile the PHP binary To switch the PHP version you can set the Branch to checkout sources from a different branch by editing the "PHP_VERSION_GIT_BRANCH param on sh at line 8

Running local Unittest for the PHP Example Application

You can run the NodeJs Unittest with "lambda-tester" by building and running the specific docker container:

docker build -t lambda-php-unittest -f Dockerfile.TestLambdaApp .
docker run lambda-php-unittest

Running Example Application on AWS

To get the example application running on AWS you have to zip the php example script file, the NodeJS script file and the PHP binary together:

zip index.js index.php php

Create Example Lambda Function

Now you can create a new Lambda function on AWS and upload the ZIP package: aws lambda php console settings