EU VAT library for Laravel

Laravel VAT

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Laravel VAT is a simple Laravel library which helps you in dealing with European VAT rules. For a standalone version of this package that does not depend on Laravel, check out vat.php.

  • Grab up-to-date VAT rates for any European member state
  • Validate VAT numbers (by format or existence)
  • Work with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes and determine whether they're part of the EU.
  • Geolocate IP addresses

The library uses to obtain its data for the VAT rates. Full details can be seen here. For VAT number validation, this uses the VIES VAT number validation.


PHP 5.6+ is required. For VAT number existence checking, the PHP SOAP extension is required as well.

To get the latest version of Laravel VAT, simply require the project using Composer:

$ composer require dannyvankooten/laravel-vat dev-master

Once Laravel VAT is installed, you need to register the service provider. Open up config/app.php and add the following to the providers key.

  • 'DvK\Laravel\Vat\VatServiceProvider'

You can register facades in the aliases key of your config/app.php file if you like.

  • 'VatRates' => 'DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Rates'
  • 'VatValidator' => 'DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Validator'
  • 'Countries' => 'DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Countries'


If you registered the facades then using an instance of the classes is as easy as this:

use DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Rates;
use DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Validator;
use DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Countries;

Rates::country( 'NL' ); // 21
Rates::country( 'NL', 'reduced' ); // 6
Rates::all(); // array in country code => rates format

Validator::validate('NL50123'); // false
Validator::validateFormat('NL203458239B01'); // true (checks format)
Validator::validateExistence('NL203458239B01') // false (checks existence)
Validator::validate('NL203458239B01'); // false (checks format + existence)

Countries::all(); // array of country codes + names
Countries::name('NL') // Netherlands
Countries::europe(); // array of EU country codes + names
Countries::inEurope('NL'); // true
Countries::ip(''); // US

If you'd prefer to use dependency injection, you can easily inject the class like this.

use DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Rates;

class Foo
    protected $rates;

    public function __construct(Rates $rates)
        $this->rates = $rates;

    public function bar()
        return $this->rates->country('NL');

By default, VAT rates are cached for 24 hours using the default cache driver.


Laravel VAT is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).