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Symfony4 bundle for ibericode/vat
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VAT Bundle

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This bundle allows you to use ibericode/vat in your Symfony4 projects.

  • Fetch VAT rates for any European member state from ibericode/vat-rates
  • Validate VAT numbers (by format and existence)
  • Validate ISO-3316 alpha-2 country codes
  • Determine whether a country is part of the EU
  • Geo-locate IP addresses

The official VIES VAT number validation SOAP API is used for validating VAT numbers.


First, install the bundle using Composer.

composer require ibericode/vat-bundle

Then, load the bundle by adding it to your config/bundles.php file.

Ibericode\Vat\Bundle\VatBundle::class => ['all' => true]


Check out ibericode/vat for direct usage examples. This bundle adds service configuration & a validation constraint for VAT numbers.

Dependency injection

With this bundle enabled, you can use dependency injection to retrieve a class instance for the Countries, Validator, Rates or Geolocator classes.

use Ibericode\Vat\Countries;
use Ibericode\Vat\Validator;
use Ibericode\Vat\Rates;
use Ibericode\Vat\Geolocator;

class MyController 
     * Type-hint the class on your service constructors to retrieve a class instance
    public function __construct(
        Rates $rates, 
        Validator $validator,
        Countries $countries, 
        Geolocator $geolocator
        $rates->getRateForCountry('NL'); // 21.00
        $validator->validateVatNumber('NL123456789B01'); // false
        $countries->isCountryCodeInEU('US') // false
        $geolocator->locateIpAddress(''); // US


To validate a VAT number using Symfony's Validation component, you can use the VatNumber constraint.

use Ibericode\Vat\Bundle\Validator\Constraints\VatNumber;

class Customer 
    * @VatNumber() 
    public $vatNumber;


MIT licensed. See the LICENSE file for details.

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