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This is an Emacs lisp library for interacting with the Confluence Wiki
Software from Atlassian:

It allows you to pull and edit the wiki-markup for a page and store it
back into your confluence instance.

This mode can be downloaded from:


You must set confluence-url in your .emacs file before using the
functions in this moudule.

Some examples:

  (load (expand-file-name "~/software/emacs/confluence-el/xml-rpc.el"))
  (load (expand-file-name "~/software/emacs/confluence-el/confluence.el"))
  (setf confluence-url "http://intranet/confluence/rpc/xmlrpc")


To open a page, M-x confluence-get-page and enter the path to the
page, for example, to open a page in your home space: ~username/Tasks

It is often convienient to bind this to a global key \C-xwf in your .emacs file:
   (global-set-key "\C-xwf")

Once you have opened a page, made changes, simply saving the page
("\C-x\C-f") will push the changes back to the wiki.

To view the chagnes in your page versus what is in the wiki, type \C-xwd

 * 1.0 : Wed Nov 19 10:39:31 EST 2008
   - confluence.el: created by James Ahlborn, eliminates the need for 
     JScheme for xmlrpc, now includes xml-rpc.el
 * 0.2 : Wed Sep 19 09:18:18 EDT 2007
   - confluence.scm: removed '.page' suffix on binary page file storage
     this fixes bugs in the earlier tgz
 * 0.1 : Wed Oct 18 12:38:45 EDT 2006
   - confluence.scm: added page info functions
   - confluence.el:  added diff function and keybinding
   - confluence.el:  added revert-buffer call to open/save, disabling of
        auto-fill-mode on open, and preservation of buffer modes after 
        storage (and subsequent reversion).