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Prism QuickStart Templates

It's been a lot of fun developing the Prism QuickStart Templates and they have helped a lot of developers worldwide. The QuickStart Templates have truly taken on a life of their own, and for that reason I have decided that I need to pull this repo down from GitHub. I want to assure those of you have fallen in love with the templates that you will still be able to get them for free.

Why the change?

As I have begun integrating the templates with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Mac it has become apparent that there is so much can be done beyond a simple template. The Prism QuickStart Templates are going away to make room for the Prism Developer Toolkit. The Developer Toolkit will include special IDE integration features that will help make your life as a developer easier.


I have a firm belief in sharing tools that have helped make my life as a developer. It takes a lot for me to continue to provide these resources. If my projects have helped you ship great apps, please share some love and help me to continue providing these libraries and tools at no cost to the community.