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#TechDays 2015 IoT Lab A 45 minutes lab to create your first object connected to the Cloud

##Introduction In the night of January 24th of 2015, I was attending the Microsoft #Zone61 IoT hackathon in Paris, exited to spend sometime hacking my Raspberry PI. I plugged it, launched Putty and... I was unable to type the IP address of my little headless machine, lost among dozens of machine on the network. I needed a simple way to spot it so I wrote this little utility in C# than scan all the machines on the same network, and list those that looks like a Raspberry PI.

Screen shot

##How to use it?

  • Follow the detailed steps on
  • Type NetScan -h to get some help

##What's new? 1.0 Initial release 1.1 Scanning is now multi-threaded. A lot faster now.


Q: What are the validated platforms?

Windows 8.1 by @danvy on 2014-01-24

If you have any problem with the scripts, use GitHub or contact me on Twitter @danvy