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Minio packaging for ARM-7 Synology NAS's
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Minio Packaging for Synology NAS

This repo can create a Synology NAS SPK file suitable for a home user. If you don't know what Minio is, please take look.

What this is

Minio offers a wide-variety of features. This repo only exposes enough of Minio to get started. That is:

  • fetch and build Minio for the Synology ARM or i386-platform
  • package Minio in a SPK format
  • Targets for ARM or i386-based Synology

Minio has elected to support Synology NAS's through Docker Containers. In my opinion, targeting Docker is the correct decision for Cloud-base storage. However, if you have a consumer-grade Synology NAS, using Docker is a non-starter: I hope that this side-project will help close the gap.

As of right now, it only supports:

  • non-SSL encryption
  • setting the ACCESS and SECRET key

Here Be Dragons

Removing the Minio installation from the NAS will result in your data being deleted.

THIS ONLY WORKS FOR ARM-7 or i386 NAS's right now.

Due to the inclusion of Minio's Art Work, re-distribution of the SPK may violate their terms. Please see LICENSE-Artwork for more information..

Credit where Credit is Due

I based this repo off the great work from a Gitea SPK that I also use on my Synology NAS.

Getting Started

You will need:

  • Docker
  • Git
  • A Synology NAS

Docker is used to as the build system and to manage dependencies, specifically:

  • Artwork is fetched remotely. This requires tooling to get the artwork, unzip to extract it and ImageMagick to transform the icon sizes.
  • The building of Minio is done in a Debian Stretch Golang container. This was done to make the packaging more accessible to people who just want an spk but don't want to setup Go.

After cloning/forking this repo:

  • run make init. This step fetches the latest release of Minio and the icons.
  • run make arm7 or make i386. During this step, a docker container will cross compile Minio. It will take a bit.
  • Go to your NAS's package manager
  • Click Manually uplaod
  • Follow the dialogs
  • Login at http://<NAS IP>:<port> where <port> was the one you selected in the dialogs.

Pull-Requests Accepted

I promise not to be a jerk. If you improve, or add a feature, please send it my way; I'm happy to consider it. Opensource should be inclusive.

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