Exposure IOP: Deflicker (port from Magic Lantern) #433

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Same functionality as in Post Deflicker module of Magic Lantern.
Note: though the algo is the same, computed EV might be slightly different from ML's (on same image and same settings)

boucman commented Feb 24, 2014

quick note (this was discussed on IRC)

JPG become completely black when deflicker is enabled. This needs to be fixed before merge

  • either by finding out what's going on with jpg
  • or by disabling deflickr for jpg

investigation is in progress

LebedevRI added some commits Feb 25, 2014
@LebedevRI LebedevRI Merge branch 'master' into iop-exposure-deflicker
* master: (66 commits)
  Get rid of most .h files in iop/
  masks: better prevention of memory fragmentation
  calculator: do not use integer variable in read_number() to store intermediate values
  noise profile: panasonic dmc-lx7 by deryk lister
  lua: fix post-image-import not working for imgid >255
  sync darktable-9999.ebuild
  cmake: Drop obsolete EXPERIMENTAL and LEGACY flags
  [l10n] Swedish update of .desktop strings
  Italian translation updated
  Updated Dutch translation
  tiff output: tentatively fix compilation with libtiff 3.9 which lacks tmsize_t
  Show pixelpipe flow info when  -d perf
  Updated Danish translation
  tiff output: several fixes
  Update French translation.
  _Keywords got dropped by mistake, restore it
  Make data/darktable.desktop translatable along with all other things that need translation.  To translate, translators don't need to do anything more than they have done so far, it just beomes a few more strings to translate.
  Add German keywords to .desktop file
  Add italian keywords in .desktop
  tiff output: set sample format for 8bit and 16bit too

@LebedevRI LebedevRI Merged master, disabled deflicker for non-RAW
@LebedevRI LebedevRI Hopefully fix greying out of UI controls ab849b3
boucman commented Feb 27, 2014

ok, we are getting there, there are still a couple of weird details I found out, though...

  • when selecting a jpg, the deflicker checkbox is not greyed out. It can't be selected but it's still there. This is slightly problematic because clicking on it will still disable autoexposure if it is selected
  • when selecting a RAW and having autoexposure selected you need to click twice on deflicker to activate it. the first click will disable autoexposure, the second one will activate deflicker
LebedevRI added some commits Feb 27, 2014
@LebedevRI LebedevRI Do not disable autoexp if deflicker can not be enabled (i.e. image is…
… not RAW)
@LebedevRI LebedevRI Just some fixes for consistency fa294cc
@LebedevRI LebedevRI Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into iop-exposure-defl…

* upstream/master:
  Add iop introspection. WARNING: we require perl now
  masks: fix another potential memory leak
  Do not take sizeof of a pointer
  masks: fix huge memory leak
  Revert "Fix wrong memcpy"
  imageio_gm: clearly indicate when GraphicsMagick is being used (cherry picked from commit 3ba03fe)
  imageio_tiff: remove leftover assert (cherry picked from commit ea8a348)
  Fix whitespace
  fix a possible crash detected by coverity
  For static arrays, use sizeof(array), not magic numbers
  Use glib str functions
  Fix wrong memcpy
  Don't switch group if module activated via hotkey is already visible


First issue is fixed.
However, i do not understand why the second issue is happening, or how to fix it.
Any help would be appreciated.

boucman commented Feb 28, 2014

note that the "auto" button, which is supposed to work more or less the same way doesn't have the problem. maybe check in what way they differ ?

@boucman boucman merged commit f0a71c6 into darktable-org:master Mar 5, 2014
@LebedevRI LebedevRI deleted the LebedevRI:iop-exposure-deflicker branch Mar 5, 2014
@LebedevRI LebedevRI modified the milestone: 1.5 Oct 21, 2014
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