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DEPRECATED, visit the AWR repo on GitLab
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This repository has been deprecated as the AWR and AWR.jars packages were merged into as per recommendations of the CRAN maintainers.


This R package installs the AWS SDK for Java jar files from AWR.jars to be used in downstream R packages.

Why the name?

This is an R package bundling AWS jars, but S is so 1992.

What is it good for?

The bundled Java SDK is useful for R package developers working with AWS so that they can easily import this package to get access to the Java jar files. Quick example on using the Amazon S3 Java client:

> ## adding the jars to the Java classpath
> library(rJava)

> ## creating a client in Java
> kc <- .jnew("")
> ## listing the account name
> kc$getS3AccountOwner()$getDisplayName()
[1] "foobar"
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