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Sublime Text package that helps you manage a collection of notes stored as Markdown files
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Notedown for Sublime Text

Notedown lets you use Sublime Text for keeping notes stored as Markdown files.

Sublime Text, with its built-in Markdown support, is pretty good at managing notes. But it lacks one key feature: linking between notes.

Notedown fills this gap. It lets you to link to another note with

[[Note title]]

Follow a link with Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Button or by positioning the cursor then pressing Ctrl + Alt + O or selecting Notedown: Open from the command palette.


Features provided by Notedown:

  • Link to another note with [[Note title]].
  • Note title auto-completion. Type [[ and you're shown a list of notes you can link to.
  • Note renaming. Change the Markdown heading and the note file is automatically renamed to match and all backlinks are updated.
  • Open a URL conforming to the Markdown syntax with the same shortcuts you use for opening a note.
  • Create a new note by attempting to open a link to a note that does not exist.
  • Note link validation. On save, you'll be shown a list of broken note links.

Note keeping features built into Sublime Text:

  • Search for a note with Goto Anything (Command + P or Ctrl + P).
  • Goto a heading within a note with Goto Symbol (Command + R or Ctrl + R).

Note filenames and titles

A note has one or more titles defined by its file name:

<title> ~ <title>.md

The tilde character (~) is used to separate multiple note titles. <title> must not contain tilde characters.

Any Markdown file extension (.md, .mdown, .markdown, or .markdn) can be used.

Note links

Note link syntax:


For example, all of the following links,


link to the same file:

Foo ~ Bar ~

Links within raw markup are ignored. For example:

`[[This]] is a not link.`


Notedown provides these Sublime Text commands:

  • notedown_open: Open the link under the cursor or mouse selection.

    • Default mouse map: Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Button
    • Default keyboard map: Ctrl + Alt + O
  • notedown_lint: Lints the current note. Runs automatically when a note is saved.


Notedown looks for settings in Notedown.sublime-settings.

Notedown supports these settings:

  • markdown_extension: The file extension used when creating new notes. This should not include a leading period (.). If not defined, md is used. Example: "markdown_extension": "markdown".

  • note_folder_patterns: Defines which folders contain notes compatible with Notedown. The folder patterns (which may use wildcards compatible with fnmatch) are matched against the name of a Markdown file's containing folder to determine if the file should be considered a note. If not defined or an empty list, then all Markdown files are considered to be notes. Example: "note_folder_patterns": ["Notes"].

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