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An awesome task manager written in python. A more awesome top like thing in your terminal !


Inspired by vtop

Some Screenshots

ptop usage 01

ptop usage 02


ptop is compaible with both Python2.x and Python3.x and is tested on Linux and MaxOSx (should be invoked as root) environments.

$ pip install ptop


$  git clone
$ cd ptop/
$ pip install -r requirements.txt # install requirements
$ sudo python install

Upgrading ptop

The latest version is 1.0. Older versions of ptop can be updated using:

$ pip install --upgrade ptop

Checkout this blog post for more on the latest developments


$ ptop

$ ptop -t <theme>   # custom theme

$ ptop -csrt 500    # custom refresh time for cpu stats 

$ ptop -h           # help


  • Killing a process ✔️
  • Showing system ports and files used by a process ✔️
  • Network Monitor ✔️
  • Process search ✔️
  • Sorting on the basis of process lifetime and memory used ✔️
  • Responsiveness with terminal ✔️
  • Custom refresh times for different stats like memory info, process info etc ✔️
  • Rolling version updates ✔️

For suggesting new features please add to this issue

Supported themes

  • colorful
  • elegant
  • simple
  • dark
  • light

Developing ptop

$ git clone
$ cd ptop   
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python develop

Note : ptop will create a log file called .ptop.log in the home directory of the user.

Contributions Guide

  • Pull requests are awesome and always welcome. Please use the issue tracker to report any bugs.
  • For starters, we have filtered some newbie issues.
  • Feel free to shoot your queries at the ptop gitter channel.

Main modules :

  • ptop.core : Defines a basic Plugin class that other plugins in the ptop.plugins inherit.
  • ptop.interfaces : The interface to the ptop built using npyscreen.
  • ptop.plugins : This module contains all the plugin sensors supported i.e Disk Sensor,Memory Sensor,Process Sensor, etc. ( Any new plugin should be added here).
  • ptop.statistics : Generate continuous statistics using background thread jobs by locating plugins in the plugins directory.
  • ptop.utils : Custom thread classes.

Main Dependencies


For details please check


MIT © Ankush Sharma