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docs(dsp-tools-xmlupload): Add Warning section (#69)
It is very important to know about this detail. Already two people ran into this, and it costed a lot of time to both of us. This warning is definitively needed.
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Expand Up @@ -169,13 +169,18 @@ The `<resource>` element contains a property element (e.g. `<text-prop>`) for ea
describing the resource. The property element itself contains one or several value elements (e.g. `<text>`) and must
have an attribute `name` with the name of the property as defined in the project specific ontology.

Example for a property element of type text (`<text-prop>`) with the value element `<text>`:
Example for a property element of type text (`<text-prop>`) with two value elements `<text>`:

<text-prop name=":hasTranslation">
<text encoding="utf8">Dies ist eine Übersetzung</text>
<text encoding="utf8">Und eine andere Übersetzung</text>

| ⚠ Look out |
| In case of a cardinality 1-n, you must **NOT** create multiple `<text-prop>` tags, but multiple `<text>` tags in one single `<text-prop>`! |

The following property elements exist:

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