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Ignore CMPCTBLOCK messages for pruned blocks

Also ignores CMPCTBLOCK announcements that have too little work.  This is to
prevent disk-exhaustion DoS.
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sdaftuar committed Jul 26, 2016
1 parent 1de2a46 commit 1d06e49834814eed45e07393dcffd7b6683311b2
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@@ -5626,8 +5626,8 @@ bool static ProcessMessage(CNode* pfrom, string strCommand, CDataStream& vRecv,
std::vector<CInv> vInv(1);
vInv[0] = CInv(MSG_BLOCK, cmpctblock.header.GetHash());
pfrom->PushMessage(NetMsgType::GETDATA, vInv);
return true;
return true;
// If we're not close to tip yet, give up and let parallel block fetch work its magic

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