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Dat comm-comm is an open working group with a focus on improving the communication around Dat. It is also a place where users and companies can share their experiences using Dat. Loosely structured community communication repo.

Open to anyone.


Currently, we have weekly online calls, in turns held by community members Martin and Diego. If you have something that you want to talk about, 👉 open an issue with the meeting time and chat location.

  • eastern-europe/asia/oceania:
    As Martin is in Japan, he holds the calls between GMT 9:00 which should suite people from new zealand to europe.
  • europe and the americas:
    Diego's call are usually at GMT 18:00 which should suite the europe and the americas.

Community Calls


Do you have a new thing made with DAT? Do you want feedback on an issue? If you have something that you think is important to share in the context of DAT: please 👉 open an issue with the relevant information. We will try to pick it up and talk about it at the next weekly call.

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