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Array API standard

All Contributors

This repository contains documents, tooling and other content related to the API standard for arrays (or tensors).

These are relevant documents related to the content in this repository:

See for how to go about contributing to this array API standard.

Building docs locally

The spec website is comprised of multiple Sphinx docs (one for each spec version), all of which exist in spec/ and rely on the modules found in src/ (most notably array_api_stubs). To install these modules and the additional dependencies of the Sphinx docs, you can use

$ pip install -e .[doc]  # ensure you install the dependencies extra "doc"

To build specific versions of the spec, run sphinx-build on the respective folder in spec/, e.g.

$ sphinx-build spec/draft/ _site/draft/

To build the whole website, which includes every version of the spec, you can utilize the make commands defined in spec/Makefile; e.g.,

$ make
$ ls _site/
2021.12/  draft/  index.html  latest/  versions.json

Making a spec release

The Sphinx doc at spec/draft/ should be where the in-development spec resides, with src/array_api_stubs/_draft/ containing its respective stubs. A spec release should involve:

  • Renaming src/array_api_stubs/_draft/ to src/array_api_stubs/_YYYY_MM

  • Renaming spec/draft/ to spec/YYYY.MM

  • Updating spec/YYYY.MM/

    - from array_api_stubs import _draft as stubs_mod
    + from array_api_stubs import _YYYY_MM as stubs_mod
    - release = "DRAFT"
    + release = "YYYY.MM"
  • Updating spec/_ghpages/versions.json

    +     "YYYY.MM": "YYYY.MM",
  • Updating Makefile

    + 	-sphinx-build "$(SOURCEDIR)/YYYY.MM" "$(BUILDDIR)/YYYY.MM" $(SPHINXOPTS)
    - 	-cp -r "$(BUILDDIR)/PREVIOUS.VER" "$(BUILDDIR)/latest"
    + 	-cp -r "$(BUILDDIR)/YYYY.MM" "$(BUILDDIR)/latest"

These changes should be committed and tagged. The next draft should then be created. To preserve git history for both the new release and the next draft:

  1. Create and checkout to a new temporary branch.
$ git checkout -b tmp
  1. Make an empty commit. This is required so merging the temporary branch (4.) is not automatic.
$ git commit --allow-empty -m "Empty commit for draft at YYYY.MM "
  1. Checkout back to the branch you are making a spec release in.
$ git checkout YYYY.MM-release
  1. Merge the temporary branch, specifying no commit and no fast-forwarding.
$ git merge --no-commit --no-ff tmp
Automatic merge went well; stopped before committing as requested
  1. Checkout the spec/draft/ files from the temporary branch.
$ git checkout tmp -- spec/draft/
  1. Commit your changes.
$ git commit -m "Copy YYYY.MM as draft with preserved git history"

You can run git blame on both spec/YYYY.MM and spec/draft files to verify we've preserved history. See this StackOverflow question for more background on the approach we use.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Saul Shanabrook

🔧 🤔 🔬


🖋 🔣 🔧 🔬

Stephannie Jimenez Gacha

🔣 🖋 🔬

Aaron Meurer

🖋 ⚠️ 🔧

Tony Fast


Ralf Gommers

📝 💼 💻 🖋 📖 🔍 🚧 🤔 📆 📢

Travis E. Oliphant

💼 🔍 🤔

Leo Fang

👀 🤔 🖋

Tianqi Chen

🤔 👀

Stephan Hoyer

🤔 👀 💬

Alexandre Passos

🤔 👀

Paige Bailey


Adam Paszke

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Andreas Mueller

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Sheng Zha

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🤔 👀 📢

Tom Augspurger

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👀 💬

Areg Melik-Adamyan

👀 🔍

Oleksandr Pavlyk

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Jack Pappas


Ashish Agarwal

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Edward Z. Yang


Mike Ruberry


Eric Wieser


Carol Willing


Alex Rogozhnikov


Matthew Honnibal


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


RFC document, tooling and other content related to the array API standard




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