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Standard library for JavaScript and Node.js.
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stdlib (/ˈstændərd lɪb/ "standard lib") is a standard library for JavaScript and Node.js, with an emphasis on numerical and scientific computing applications. The library provides a collection of robust, high performance libraries for mathematics, statistics, data processing, streams, and more and includes many of the utilities you would expect from a standard library.

This is the GitHub repository of stdlib source code and documentation. For help developing stdlib, see the development guide.



External Resources


Running stdlib requires the following prerequisites:

  • Node.js: JavaScript runtime (version >= 0.10)
  • npm: package manager (version > 2.7.0; if Node < 1.0.0, version > 2.7.0 and < 4.0.0; if Node < 6.0.0, version > 2.7.0 and < 6.0.0)

Most functionality in stdlib is implemented exclusively in JavaScript; however, some implementations try to capture performance benefits by using native bindings and/or WebAssembly. While not required to run stdlib, as every stdlib implementation has a JavaScript fallback, the following dependencies are required for building native add-ons, including linking to BLAS and LAPACK libraries:

  • GNU make: development utility and task runner
  • GNU bash: an sh-compatible shell
  • gcc & g++ or Clang: C/C++ compilation and linking (g++ version >= 4.8; clang version >= 3.5, Xcode version >=8.3.1 on OS X)
  • gfortran: Fortran compilation and linking (version >= 4.8)

While not required to run stdlib, the following dependencies are required for automatically downloading external libraries:

  • curl, wget, or fetch (FreeBSD): utilities for downloading remote resources

The following external libraries can be automatically downloaded and compiled from source using make:

  • OpenBLAS: optimized BLAS library
  • Electron: framework for cross-platform desktop applications


To install as a library or application dependency,

$ npm install @stdlib/stdlib

To install globally for use as a command-line utility,

$ npm install -g @stdlib/stdlib

which will expose the stdlib command. For example, to see available sub-commands

$ stdlib help

For distributable bundles for use in browser environments or as shared ("vendored") libraries in server environments, see the dist directory and associated guide.

Otherwise, to install as a system library, follow the download, configuration, and installation instructions as described in the development guide.


See the contributing guidelines.




Copyright © 2016-2019. The Stdlib Authors.




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Build Infrastructure

Test and build infrastructure is generously provided by the following services:

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