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rdocumentation_site_banner provides the R community with centralized, quality and easy to search documentation.

R documentation sifts through all CRAN, GitHub and BioConductor packages hourly, parses the documentation files and indexes them in an Elasticsearch database. This makes the best online resource to browse all R package documentation.

The RDocs project is completely open-source. This repository contains the source code for the NodeJS web application that serves For other codebases, you can check out


  • Quick search through all packages and functions

screen shot 2016-08-25 at 14 07 05

  • Complete search through all packages and function

screen shot 2016-08-25 at 14 08 52

  • Easily assess package quality

screen shot 2016-08-25 at 14 11 27

  • Post community examples to help the community understand how to use a function

screen shot 2016-08-25 at 14 14 37

What this app does

This application is part the rdocumentation project. This app is responsible for storing the RDocumentation data, and bring it to the users through a web interface (the site) or through an api (See for the public API)


Documentation of the differents endpoints can be found here:

Issue/Feature request

Please post a new issue at for any bug that you encounter or a feature that you would like to see in


Using docker

You'll need docker and docker-compose to run this stack locally

  • Copy the .env.sample to .env and change relevant variables
  • docker-compose create to create the redis and mysql container
  • docker-compose start to fire up a local redis an mysql
  • Run the database migrations by doing npm run migrate
  • npm run start-dev

How to deploy

  • To deploy to stating (, merge to master
  • To deploy to production, add a tag which starts with release-

The rdocumentation app is hosted on DataCamp's infrastructure, on our AWS ECS cluster.

What the CI does

This application runs on the DataCamp infrastructure. Our custom CI flow will:

  • Build a docker image
  • Upload it the ECR
  • Deploy the new version to ECS

How to contribute

We welcome any contributions that could improves There is multiple ways of contributing:

  • Report when some packages are missing/outdated/incorrect by creating an issue.
  • Report bugs.
  • Help us improves by proposing features.
  • Directly contribute by forking the repo and making changes.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).