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For users:

DataBank is a repository that will keep data safe in the long term. It can automatically obtain a Digital Object Indicator (DOI) for each data package, and make the metadata and/or the underlying data searchable and accessible by the wider world.

What is DataBank and what does it do?
Metadata (how to label and find things in DataBank)

##For developers: ##What is Databank?

Databank is an application for storing, curating and publishing data-packages, and is written using python and the pylons web framework. Its default deployment includes services that enable extra services such as assigning DataCite DOIs to datasets, a message queue providing databank notifications to listener services and provision of a SWORD 2 compliant web API and search indexes (Apache Solr) for the content it is responsible for.

Its architecture is heavily influenced by the UNIX toolset and microservices mindsets; to provide just enough structure, convenience and convention to make it easier for users to carry out administrative, curational and other activities without excluding normal methods of working.

For example, a corpus of text in a data-package may be made web-accessible and be searchable by the application, while allowing free use of commands such as 'wc' and 'less' as required, either on the server directly or via a plugin. In a nutshell: Databank is a set of loosely-coupled, event-driven services acting on a filestore

Download DataBank
Installing DataBank
DataBank Dependencies

##More technical information

Services in more detail: "Listen, Poll and Rebuild"

##Issue tracker - JIRA

If you don't see what you want here, you may find answers on our issue tracker:

This link will take you straight to documentation on JIRA:

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