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HTML_files first working template: Oct 13, 2016
colandr Add TODOs for possible improvement in lazy relationship Apr 15, 2018
colandr_data [burton] Updated+added known statuses for CI review Oct 10, 2016
docs Update app management docs to point at new github repo Apr 11, 2018
migrations [burton] Improved in/exclude count tracking; tweaked study statuses Jan 16, 2017
models [burton] ris parser tweak; deduper training script tweaks because wei… Jun 24, 2016
notebooks [burton] added password validation in to password reset PUT method Feb 27, 2017
pdfestrian Only get trainingdata for select_one and select_many Dec 1, 2018
references [burton] Updated+added known statuses for CI review Oct 10, 2016
scripts [burton] Fixed restplus validation error; removed deprecated deps and… Jan 23, 2017
.env.example Update config/env to point at new github repo Apr 14, 2018
.gitignore Remove mystery NUL byte from .gitignore Apr 15, 2018 [burton] setting up repo structure May 1, 2016 [burton] Finished cleaning up app/API error handling and logging Feb 22, 2017 [burton] Added gunicorn config and runserver modules for prod deploys Nov 6, 2016 [burton] Updated docs, config, and requirements for prod deploys with… Nov 6, 2016 [burton] Reorganize colandr_data; review data on disk created/deleted Feb 15, 2017 [burton] Added macos-setup bash script to facilitate setup Oct 20, 2016 [burton] Tweaked celery logging; renamed reset_db => reset Feb 22, 2017 Print full citations fname to import in repopulate_db script Apr 14, 2018
requirements.txt Update more python dependency versions Apr 15, 2018 Add restart script Feb 11, 2017

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