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Seq Read Documentation

Welcome to the hub for issues, design discussions and the feature roadmap for Seq.

What is Seq?

Seq is a log server designed to speed up diagnostics in complex, asynchronous and distrubuted applications. It has a strong focus on structured logging, the idea that log events should carry important information in first-class properties.


If you think you may have found a bug in Seq, this is the place to report it. You can search existing issues or raise a new issue here.

Feature requests

Please also feel free to suggest features on Discussions. We will consider and respond to every request we receive.

Documentation and support

The Seq online documentation has information on all aspects of Seq - it's a great place to start if you are configuring or using Seq for the first time.

If you need help with Serilog.Sinks.Seq, the Troubleshooting section of the sink documentation has some useful steps for tracking down common issues.

For more information or help with Seq, please feel free to visit our discussion forum or email

Feature roadmap

We maintain feature milestones to provide an outline of what to expect in upcoming releases.

Design discussions

For Seq 5.0 onwards, we have adopted an RFC ('request for comment') process so that design discussions for larger features can happen in the open, with full community involvement.

Accepted RFCs are recorded under /rfcs in this repository, while new proposals are discussed via pull requests.

To propose a feature, please create a discussion thread to discuss it with the Seq development team. We will create RFCs and PRs where necessary.


Issues, design discussions and feature roadmap for the Seq log server




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