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Data Platform Community

For SQL Server and other Data Platform Pros to collaborate and make great software. Home of dbatools, dbachecks, dbaclone and Data Saturdays.


  1. dbatools dbatools Public

    πŸš€ SQL Server automation and instance migrations have never been safer, faster or freer

    PowerShell 2.3k 784

  2. dbachecks dbachecks Public template

    βœ” SQL Server Environmental Validation

    PowerShell 451 138

  3. DataSaturdays DataSaturdays Public archive

    A repository for open sourcing a solution for Data Saturdays

    HTML 141 63

  4. dbops dbops Public

    βš™ dbops - Powershell module that provides continuous database deployments on any scale

    PowerShell 152 35

  5. dbaclone dbaclone Public

    πŸ‘― Clone SQL Server databases using PowerShell previously named PSDatabaseClone

    PowerShell 130 27

  6. community-presentations community-presentations Public

    Presentation Repository for SQL Server / PowerShell Presentations within the Community

    Jupyter Notebook 41 28


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