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Welcome to the dbatools Wiki!

This wiki contains a quick starting point to help you get familiar with the dbatools project. The focus of this documentation is to provide some information around our standards, a companion to our contributing guide, along with working with pull request for GitHub.

You can browse this content by using the side bar on the left of this page to view additional content within this wiki.

NOTE: (2022-Jan-07) We are in the process of preparing version 2.0 of the module, the source code in this repository is no longer in sync with the PowerShell Gallery release version (1.1.143). It is not recommended to use the code in this repository in production at this time.

Development System

General starting point for contributors or those that want to work with our project locally.

# Chocolatey Setup
choco install docker-desktop -y # Docker Desktop
choco install git.install --yes --no-progress # Git CLI
choco install gh --yes --no-progress # GitHub CLI
choco install pwsh --yes --no-progress # PowerShell 7+
choco install vscode-insiders --yes --no-progress # VS Code (Stable Edition: choco install vscode --yes --no-progress)

PowerShell Required Modules

This can only be used at this time for PowerShell 7+. If you use Windows PowerShell run Install-Module .. -RequiredVersion x.x.x for each of the listed modules.

To install the dependent modules for our project you can reference the RequiredModules.psd1 in the root of the project.

See Jaykul/RequiredModules for installation instructions.

Install-RequiredModule -RequiredModules @{
    Pester                  = '[4.4.2]'
    PSScriptAnalyzer        = '[1.18.2]'
    'dbatools.core.library' = '[2022.11.8]'