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Pymodoro is the Pomodoro for Xmobar or Dzen. It runs and it tells you where you are in your current pomodoro session.
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Put the files into a new folder called .pymodoro inside your home folder. Configure your xmobar to display pymodoro with

Run CommandReader "~/.pymodoro/" "pomodoro"

Then add it to your template.


Add the following configuration to your Dzen2 configuration file to retrieve the current status of your Pomodoro and paste it in your display.

^fg(\#FFFFFF)${execi 10 python ~/.pymodoro/ -o}


To install Pymodoro system wide, run the script like this:

python install


A new Pomodoro -- 25 minutes followed by a break of 5 minutes -- is started by changing the timestamp of ~/.pomodoro_session. This can be done by the shell command:

touch ~/.pomodoro_session

If you want to use counters with different times, write them into the session file. The first number specifies the length of the Pomodoro in minutes, the second one the length of the break. Both numbers are optional. Example:

echo "20 2" > ~/.pomodoro_session


The easiest way is to define keybindings for the commands.


Configure xmonad to start a new Pomodoro session by adding this to your xmonad.hs:

-- start a pomodoro
, ((modMask, xK_n), spawn "touch ~/.pomodoro_session")


-- start a pomodoro
, ("M-n", spawn "touch ~/.pomodoro_session")

This way, whenever you hit modMask + n, you will start a new pomodoro.


You can set all the options via command line paramters. For a detailed description run:

~/ --help

It is no longer needed to edit the script itself. If you still want to do it, open up the file ~/.pymodoro/


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