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This little perl script is a simple attempt at a muttrc to HTML converter. It could come in handy if you want to publish your muttrc file on your web pages.

The basic idea behind the script is that it should make comments stand out and should also allow hypertext links to other rc files that you source in.

Running the script is simply a case of typing 'muttrc2html' at the shell prompt. By default the script will look for ~/.muttrc and start to convert it to a HTML file in the current directory. You can change the behaviour of the script with settings in a file called ~/.muttrc2htmlrc. Valid settings are:

muttrc=<Location of top level muttrc file>
TitlePrefix=<Prefix for each web page title>
Ignore=<Name of rc file or regular expression>
Silent=<1 for don't give info, 0 for do give info>
BeginComment=<Opening tag for a comment>
EndComment=<Closing tag for a comment>
BodyTag=<Tag to declare the start of the document body>
ManualVars=<URL of section 6 of the mutt manual>

For example, a ~/.muttrc2htmlrc might look like:

TitlePrefix=Dave's mutt config
BeginComment=<STRONG><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">

As you can see, you can repeat the "ignore" setting as many times as you like. Also, note that the ignore lines can use regular expressions, for example:


would ignore any file whose names ends with the text "private".

Hiding portions of your rc files

For various reasons there maybe portions of your rc files that you don't want to be made visible. While the "Ignore" rules work for whole files this doesn't help if there is just one line or a block of lines (obviously you could place those private portions in their own rc files and ignore them, but that could get messy).

To help solve this problem muttrc2html will ignore all lines between the comments # BeginHTMLIgnore and # EndHTMLIgnore. For example:

set foo=bar
source ~/.mutt/
# BeginHTMLIgnore
set rootpassword=wibble
# EndHTMLIgnore

It ain't perfect, but it should help. BTW, don't take my word that this will work, please check that you don't include sensitive text in the final HTML. Obvious things to check for are passwords (such as the setting for $pop_pass for example).


  • It assumes too much about the setup of your system.
  • It doesn't handle more than one source statement on any one line.
  • A load more issues I've not considered.

If you find any problems or come up with any enhancements please feel free to send them to me.


  • Fix bugs.
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