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pinboard.el is an Emacs client for Pinboard.

To get started, visit your password settings page on Pinboard and get the API token that's displayed there. Then edit ~/.authinfo and add a line like this:

machine password foo:8ar8a5w188l3

Once done, you can M-x pinboard RET and browse your pins. Current commands available include:

Command Key Description
pinboard-add n Add a new pin
pinboard-delete d Delete the current pin
pinboard-edit e Edit the current pin
pinboard-kill-url k Add pin's URL to the kill-ring.
pinboard-open RET Open the pin's URL in a web browser
pinboard-private P Show only private pins in the list
pinboard-public p Show only public pins in the list
pinboard-toggle-private i Toggle the public/private status of the pin
pinboard-read r Show only read pins in the list
pinboard-refresh g Refresh the list, showing all pins
pinboard-search / Show only pins that contain the search text
pinboard-extend-tagged t Add a tag to the current tag filter
pinboard-tagged T Show only pins with a given tag
pinboard-toggle-read R Toggle the read/unread status of the pin
pinboard-unread u Show only unread pins in the list
pinboard-untagged T Show only pins that have no tag
pinboard-view SPC View the data for a pin in a window
pinboard-visit-pinboard v Visit the Pinboard website

Commands available that aren't part of the pin list, and that you might want to bind to keys, include:

Command Description
pinboard Open the Pinboard pin list
pinboard-add Add a new pin to Pinboard
pinboard-add-for-later Prompt for a URL and add it for later

Org support

Konrad Hinsen has written a handy little add-on that connects pinboard with org-mode, by providing an easy method of pulling a link out of pinboard and getting it into org-mode. See the gist he wrote for the code.


pinboard.el doesn't find API token despite it being set in .authinfo

Check the variable auth-sources to ensure that Emacs is looking for .authinfo. Some Emacs-frameworks set their own default (typically enforcing gpg encryption).

If you're using use-package, you can append the ~/.authinfo file to the auth-sources list like this:

(use-package pinboard :config (add-to-list 'auth-sources "~/.authinfo" t))


Please see the GitHub issues list for things I plan to do.