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A cgi-bin-based Norton Guide serving too -- NEVER USE THIS!
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Hi, this is version 1.03 of w3ng.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at it. It's far from perfect, so
don't be suprised if things break, but please let me know what does break.

Ok, quick usage. First, stick w3ng into your /cgi-bin/ directory (or,
the directory that looks like /cgi-bin/ to the outside world). In a Web page, 
do the following:

<A HREF="/cgi-bin/w3ng?/dos/c/eh/">
     This is my test Norton Guide</A>

And away you go (I hope, works for me etc... <g>).

Ok, here are some of the things that are not perfect yet or that I need
other people to test and give me feedback with:

o Test it with as many NGs as possible.

o w3ng does some very rough low and high PC character translation. I did
  it in a rush so it's not going to look perfect. I will sit down and
  design the box character to ASCII chaarcter mapping, plus some other
  "special" picture characters, later.
o The source is partly ripped off from a NG reader I was writing for OS/2.
  Because of this it's possibly not optimized for the job in hand, please
  excuse the code at the moment (possibly some left over vars, very few
  comments etc..).

o My knowledge of HTML is not great. If you see any problems with the
  resulting HTML then please let me know.

o As far as I can tell, the source should compile clean with GCC under
  Linux, GCC under OS/2 (GCC/EMX), GCC under Dos (DJGPP) and Borland
  under Dos. If you find otherwise, or you find another compiler/OS
  that it either a) works with or b) you've made it work with then
  please let me know.

o There is no Makefile as yet. You should know how to compile, but, for
  those who don't, I've used:

		gcc w3ng.c cfgfile.c -o w3ng
	OS/2 (EMX)
		gcc w3ng.c cfgfile.c -o w3ng.exe
	Dos (DJGPP)
		gcc w3ng.c cfgfile.c -o w3ng.out
		strip w3ng.out
		coff2exe w3ng.out
	Dos (Borland)
		bcc w3ng.c cfgfile.c

o I've now added a -href parameter to help create index pages on the fly.
  For example, on my server I've got a (quick and dirty) bash script as


	echo Content-type: text/html
	echo "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Directory Of Norton Guide Files</TITLE>
	echo "</HEAD>"
	echo "<BODY>"
	echo "<UL>"
	for ng_file in /dos/c/eh/*.ng
		echo "<LI>$(w3ng $ng_file -href)"
	echo "</UL></BODY></HTML>"

o w3ng now has a config file to allow you to control some HTML elements.
  To set the location of the config file edit the #define CONFIG_FILE
  that is close the top of the source. Make sure you make this the
  full name of the file and not just a point to it's location or anything.

  Currently, the following options are available:


  Use this to specify your own <BODY> element. For example, you may want
  a graphic background to your pages:


  Note that what you are giving is the *whole* opening body command.


  If you have a browser that can work with frames (Netscape II for example)
  you can tell w3ng to work with framed HTML. Set it to anything that starts
  with Y or y to turn it on:

        FRAMES=yes please!


  This lets you specify the split for the frames. The default is 30% for
  the menu and 70% for the pages. You can set it like:


  Note that what you set is what will be included in the HTML.

Hmm, I think that is about that for the moment. Any feedback is a good
thing. If you think it can be improved then let me know. Email your
feedback to

You may also want to check for
details of the current version and known problems. 

Also, if you need to convert a NG to a set of HTML documents then you might
want to look at

Thanks for your time.
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