This is an OSX Dashboard Widget which takes a NetIO JSON configuration, renders its content and performs the specified commands.
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This project is based on the iPhone Application NetIO Controller ( ) which uses a JSON structure to build a custom remote control for Arduino Boards, AVR-Net-IO Boards or other Hardware devices which are able to receive simple strings. 

This widget takes such a configuration (version 1.3) and builds a working user interface into your dashboard!

More information about the configuration and the app (with demo video) can be found at

The project is a very basic implementation and needs to be improved. Feel free to checkout and edit!

- checkout repository
- change the hardcoded IP and Port (JSON connection settings are not used for now)
- build the widget with Dashcode
- add it to your dashboard
- (in Mountain Lion you may need to reload (command+r) the widget to work properly)
- set the path to your json file in the widget preferences (click on the small i-icon on the bottom right)

- handle multiple connections
- use whole sends-array (currently just the first is being sent)
- implement reads functionality
- implement sliders and switched