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a drop-to-use Weibo Share-Only Utility

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What's This

This is designed to be a drop-to-use Weibo Share-Only Utility.
The first Version is done. It will let you share text either with image or not to your Weibo.


Share Box

How to Use

  1. Drag the ShareToCN/ShareToCN/ into your Xcode Project
  2. If you just want the share-to-weibo functionality:

    [ShareToCN shareText:text];
    //< Or
    [ShareToCN shareText:text WithImage:image];
    //< or pass in a delegate if you want the feedback.        
    [ShareToCN shareText:text withDelegate:delegate];
    //< or
    [ShareToCN shareText:text WithImage:image withDelegate:delegate];
    @protocol ShareToCNDelegate
    - (void)shareFailedWithError:(NSError *)error;
    - (void)shareSucceed;
  3. If you want a pop-out box to enter/edit the text:

    [ShareToCNBox showWithText:text];
    [ShareToCNBox showWithText:text andImage:image];
  4. Open ShareToCN.m, change to your key and secret here, all of the code is in ShareToCNBox.m/h, it is easy for you to customize.

Quite easy, right?


Thanks to JimLiu/WeiboSDK, and people who build some components I don't know where they come from,
you can find their names at the top of the files.

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