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Bertrand Roussel edited this page Apr 6, 2018 · 6 revisions

Welcome to the OAuth provider plugin for Gerrit Code Review

To use this plugin you need the most recent or 2.11 Gerrit release. It exposes multiple OAuth providers:

  • GitHub OAuth provider
  • Google OAuth provider
  • GitLab OAuth provider
  • Office365 OAuth provider
  • Bitbucket OAuth provider

The plugin supports two Gerrit authentication types (auth.type):


When GitHub and Google providers are configured, user is presented with provider selection form. When only one provider is configured SSO mode is activated and provider selection form is skipped. Gerrit@OAuth2


When this auth.type is used, then so-called Hybrid OpenID+OAuth authentication method is activated. Because two hard coded OpenID providers are hard coded on login form, with this method selection form is always offered:


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