A lightweight HTML/CSS/JS template to start any coding adventure. Lean & simple. Ideal for rapid prototyping.
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Welcome to Wisp

Wisp is a super-simple HTML/CSS/JS template intended to give you a quick-start on new projects. It is intentionally lean and lightweight. Ideal for rapid prototyping.

Why I made this

Very often I want to dive immediately into a project requiring a vanilla HTML/CSS/JS setup, and I grew tired of having to dig up the proper structure for including jQuery or the proper meta tags or having a mega-basic CSS framework in place. While tons of great frameworks are already out there, they all seem like overkill given what I need.

I wanted to make something myself, as lightweight as possible, built entirely for my needs. I am surely repeating the work others have already done -- but I'm also getting good experience in creating this and putting it to use.

How I made this

I modeled the core of Wisp on HTML5 Boilerplate, after stripping away a lot of markup I don't usually need when quickly throwing together prototypes.

Have yourself a good day!